These 15 Monasteries Are a Must Visit When in Ladakh

These places are like heaven on the earth.    


The history of Ladakh has been related more closely with the Tibetan plateau rather than with the Indian peninsula. 

With the establishment of the Gandharan civilisation in today’s Northwest Pakistan, Buddhist culture slowly started spreading all along the Silk route. The entire valley of Ladakh is dotted with monasteries, belonging to the various schools of Buddhism. Many of these are located in scenic locales, perched on a hillock, overlooking pretty small settlements. Some of them are located in isolated areas, away from the hustle-bustle of the modern life. This lends an air of peace and tranquillity to them. 

These monasteries also have a rich collection of Buddhist thankas, murals, sculptures, and scriptures. They are also a storehouse of intangible heritage- the mask dances and the other rituals. Go discover them before it gets too late.