13 Places To Visit This Monsoon To Calm Your Wandering Soul

Wanderlust 101 or desperately seeking monsoons! 

Summers were scorching and the heat almost killed us all, didn't it? Like you all, even I'd been waiting for a good shower to hit us soon! And well, rains are finally here. Not just to get some relief from the heat but also, so that I could take some good monsoon trips again. Don't we all just love taking breaks from our everyday hassle-filled lives and going on short breaks (or even long ones) to serene places, filled with scenic beauty and culturally enhanced landscapes, that calm our wandering and lost souls down?

We always plan trips abroad but, fail to see and appreciate the remarkable beauty, culture and history our own country holds and offers. India is a diverse and immensely beautiful place. Here, I've compiled some of the best places in India that should be visited during the monsoons for gaining the best experiences possible.

Check 'em out!

P.S. #6 is super famous for its coffee, for all of you coffee lovers out there!