21 Awesome Hacks To Pack Super Light When You're Traveling 

Every traveler needs these tips to pack light.


Packing light is not a goal; it’s a process. The goal is to travel to your destination without a suitcase so stuffed that it starts emitting strange sounds when you try to shove it into the luggage compartment.

Have you heard about the globe trotter writer who traveled around the world for six weeks wearing a multi-pocketed vest that carried his entire luggage including tees and a folding keyboard for his mobile phone?

Obviously, it would be too much for you and me as we wouldn’t want to spend each night washing our undergarments in the hotel room sink, but we do need to learn how to keep it light.

Almost all of us struggle over which clothes to pack, how many shoes to carry, which gadgets to bring along. There are people who carry heavy bags filled with things that they might not need. What they do is sweat, curse and swear that they will never pack their luggage like this again. Not a fun lesson to learn; especially when you can’t get around easily on your holiday, wait for your bags to arrive and pay for excess luggage.

Whether you are packing for a two-week international trip or a two-day weekend getaway, these are the perfect tips that will help you pack light and travel smart.