From Having A Dark Childhood To Getting Featured On A Magazine Cover, This Transgender Woman Is Nailing It

Breaking the stereotypes with her success!


Life is not always a bed of roses; thorns help you to appreciate the flower. However, if you learn to deal with the thorns, then hardships can actually help you to appreciate the beauty of life. This is the inspiring story of a transgender woman Apsara Reddy who achieved success and several accolades after overcoming the hardships of life.   

The plight of transgender people is pathetic in India. Even after getting a proper education, the people belonging to LGBT community are forced to beg on the streets. Many of them spend their whole life miserably either in the red light area or traffic signals. In such a scenario, the story of Indo-Australian transwoman Apsara Reddy is inspiring the LGBT community to lead a better life. Read on!  

Source: The Logical Indian 

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