10 Traits of a Typical Marwari

Are you a Marwari? 


Each one of us has at least one Marwari contact in our friend list if not more. There are certain traits typical to Marwaris which are often talked about. From their love of colours to their passion for food, the community completely nails it.

One necessary correction in our knowledge base should be: Everyone who belongs to Rajasthan is not a 'Marwari'. Marwaris are Indian ethnic group of traders whose origin is from Marwar region. The Marwar region includes Barmer, Jalore, Lakshman Nagar, Nagore, Jodhpur, and Pali.

Here are a few things that you will relate to if you grew up in a Marwari household - and if you didn't, it's still something you can relate to all your Marwari friends.