Ever Wondered What These Different Train Horns Mean?

Myths busted, here!


"Life is the train, not the station."- Paulo Coelho

I feel the same!

As Indians, trains have been a part and parcel of our life, since childhood. We have fond memories attached to them. We have memories of making new friends on trains, of sharing food with strangers, of playing those fun games. Awwww, how much I miss my childhood in trains when there was no tension to reach the destination ASAP, when I used to revel in the journey more than the destination. 

With all these fond memories and nostalgia, I am also reminded of the signature characteristic sound of the train horns. I can still hear the horn resonate in my ears and take me back to the train compartment where I used to love the upper berth, where we used to play cards and laugh our hearts out cracking funny AF jokes.

Train journeys, my favourite!