The Trailer Of "Baaraat Company" Is Out And It's All Sorts Of Quirky!

"Yahaan pyaar karna manaa hai!"


When it comes to love, our country is obsessed with it, especially the youth. From a very tender age, we start developing crushes which later transform into relationships and then into marriages. 

But did you notice how things have changed over the years? How in the older times marriages were considered sacred and took place after agreements of both the families? But times have changed and people now prefer love marriages over arranged marriages. This also comes in with a lot of added problems because not everyone in every family is happy with the wedding decisions. Hence, the 21st-century couples now try eloping or a quick courtroom marriage instead of all the escalated tantrums that occur in an arranged marriage.

A movie named "Baaraat Company" is coming soon with a similar concept.

The movie has an exceedingly new star cast with Sandeepa Dhar, Ranveer Kumar and the leads and supporting actors like Vishal Karwal and Anurita Jha. Directed by Syed Ahmed Afzal, whose previous movies were Youngistaan and Laal Rang, we expect this flick to be an impressive one!

What you can look out for in the movie is how they take "Thekas of Shaadis". It all revolves around the concept of never falling in love i.e. "Yaha pyaar karna manaa hai!" interestingly syndicating concepts of arranged and love marriages. 

Well, what I could gather after watching the trailer are a list of things:

- a new ravishing star cast

- a lot of fun scenes 

- some good chemistry between Ranveer and Sandeepa

- and of course some thrill and action

P.S. - Ranveer is darn cute and Sandeepa, pretty like anything.  

I'm definitely going to watch this flick on the day one, are you?