Which Are The Toughest Yet The Best Exams To Crack In 2018? 

Ready to face them?

Preparation – What is the first thing which comes to your mind when you hear that? I’m sure an exam is one thing which tops the list. We are wired that way, whenever it comes to performing our best to achieve the best, preparations are what we do. And, why shouldn’t we, when the perks and benefits you get after cracking a tough entrance test of a university or national level exams like UPSC are the best treats? 

Heard of the quote - “What you sow is, what you reap” There’s no better example than a student’s life because of the efforts they put while prepping up for an examination and the results are self-evident to justify those sleepless nights. Though there are several fields, one can pursue in life and excel, amongst those come becoming a doctor or an IAS officer, or my favorite – engineer. You might not agree with me for now, but when I tell you the benefits you get after becoming a part of the University which has been awarded 5 stars for Teaching, Employability, and Inclusiveness; you’ll not want to miss any chance of registering for its entrance test.

Before we begin to explore this so-called common option of becoming an engineer yet its unknown advantages, let’s go through some other entrance examinations which are considered to be the toughest.