He Was 'Checking Front Camera' In His 1st Video And Now Is A Star. Here Are Other Star YouTubers' Stories

Check out if your favorite one is on the list.

What is the first thing you search when you open your YouTube? Well, if you ask me, I am personally a fan of stand-up comedians who post their hilariously sarcastic videos on the platform. 

We look for solutions, either it is for making ourselves happy by funny videos or to search for a new hairstyle, look for a new recipe or a medical remedy, YouTube is the place. 

Talking about the other side, becoming a YouTube star is a new vogue in India. Everyone is trying to put on their 'talents' online using YouTube. Did you also try doing that?

You will be shocked to know that according to the data gathered, every month some 20,000 active YouTube channels upload 3.8 lakh videos. 

So, here I am with listed out YouTube stars who are the famous ones from their genres. C'mon, let's see who are the top 10 YouTubers in India.