These Top 15 Hippie Destinations Will Make You Break Free from the World 

Are you a hippie at heart? 


Are you tired of seeing what's going around you? Are you anti-establishment? Do you believe in going against the tide? Do you feel suffocated with the weird rules and regulations imposed by the world? Do you want to show the middle finger to the world?    

Then, you are a hippie at heart.    

The hippie culture, which began in the 1960s in San Francisco, USA, is a counterculture, which refuses to accept norms of the establishment, whether it is government, society, lifestyle, culture and even, thinking.   

Being hippies mean you have absolute freedom to do anything you want on earth - like get high on drugs (LSD, Marijuana, etc.), experiment with sex, put on quirky, colourful clothes, dance like crazy, and be on travel all the time. 

Being a hippie also means being in love with yourself. 

And it boils down to freedom and reaching a state, where you can just be yourself. It is a rebellious state where you reject everything that's keeping a grip on you.