There's Only One Reason Why You Must Watch Tom Cruise's The Mummy Reboot

In-depth movie review. No Spoilers.

The classic ancient times, mythologies and legends who died before us have found a successful renaissance on the silver screen with all their films that thrilled the audience. 

Since their inception on-screen, the filmmakers had presented them in many forms to entertain us and inform us about the world that might have existed before. One such tale is of the Egyptian Mummies and their curse.

Since the 1930s, when Mummies were introduced in the films, a new monstrous franchise (1932-1955) came into existence. Performances pulled by Boris Karloff, and Lon Chaney Jr. and later by Eddie Parker have set a benchmark for others to come.

After all of these, Stephen Sommers came along with his exclusive franchise to add in this series which was hugely successful. Inspired by 1932's film, in this movie by Stephen had Rick O'Connell, a fictional character fights the resurrected Imhotep to save the world from a curse. The first two films were hugely successful, and the third one was disastrous, and it caused the end of a franchise. By this time, 13 movies were released between 1932 to 2008.

Now, almost after nine years, The Mummy Reboot is back again at the box-office, and this time, it's Tom Cruise who is shouldering the burden of all the expectations.

Has he succeeded to create an aura that can thrill the audience? Let's find out!