90s Kids' Favourite And Mahaguru Of Shaktiman Dies At 67 And We've Something For His Fans

Bollywood mourns the loss of veteran actor!

We understand death for the first time when it puts its hand upon the ones we love the most.

This quote best describes the persistent scenario and pain that Bollywood is feeling today. Death is invincible, nothing can give us back the people who have been engulfed by death. We don't realise it but are a part of this big and wide circle of life and death. 

Famous veteran actor, Tom Alter, who was also 'Hindi films' favourite Angrez' left the national mourning at his loss at the age of 67. While we all were sleeping peacefully in our comfy beds, the actor breathed his last at 2 AM on 29th September. 

He was a prominent face not only in the field of cinema but television and theatre too.