15 Tips To Regain The Lost Charm And Passion In Your Relationship

Love changes everything! 

This world is full of love, lovers and relationships. You and me, we all have tasted it atleast once and who doesn't like its feel?. 

His hair are your best toy, his lap is your most comforting pillow, the forehead kisses he gives you when you fight for no reason, late night talks, tight hugs, passionate love bites are a few things that occur in most relationships.

Love has the power to set everything right. All we wish for is a fierce, passionate, loving and long lasting relationship. 

But, alas! wishes are not always granted. Sooner or later, we end up feeling that our relationship has lost fire and passion.  

If you are feeling let down, then be calm and give some space to each other. Distance is sometimes a good healer. Being fast and furious doesn't always work.

We bring you tips that can revive your relationship. 

Have a look.