10 Times When Indians Killed 'Grammar' Brutally 

RIP, English!

Indians have always expressed their anger for 'ANGREZ', who ruled our country and its people for years. But despite moving from our country, there's still one thing from Britisher's land which the country is in the trap of. Any guesses what I am talking about? Yes, you guessed that right. As they say, "Angrez chale gaye, angrezi yahi chhod gaye." And this 'Angrezi' is ruling Indians since then.

We all love to talk in English. Rather, the one who can't or who don't prefer to make use of this language is tagged as a 'Desi', because we all love to be like 'Videsi'.

But let's not get into this endless discussion, coz we are in a mood to make you pump up your mind with some hilarious stuff. Here are some of such really hysterical pictures, where people tried their hands at writing English, but eventually made some blunders but super funny mistakes.