From A Billionaire To 101-Year Old, Know The Paedophiles Who Were Dragged To Court

Heart-wrenching stories of child abuse.


You know what's worse than being a murderer? A paedophile. You may think what nonsense I'm talking about but try being in the shoes of the victim for once. The person who gets killed does not suffer from what has been done to her/him but it isn't the same with a paedophile's victim. The latter's life gets devastated and the scars are difficult to heal.

Down below, you'll be reading about three men - Jeffrey Epstein, Gaston Pinsard, and Ralph Clarke - who thought of kids as objects and abused them sexually. All their victims were minor girls. All the three were called in for court proceedings but one among them wasn't prosecuted due to lack of evidence. The other two served the sentences in jails. 

One of them also happens to be a billionaire with his association running up to a former US president.