Shark Cuddles With This Diver Every Time She Sees Him, And It's Been Going On For 7 Years

Now that's an uncommon sort of a friendship!

It's quite common to see a man be good friends with animals such as a dog or a cat. But can the same be said for wilder, carnivorous animals, such as a shark? Well, obviously not. However, Australian diver Rick Anderson's unlikely friendship with a shark shows that it's not entirely impossible. Seven years ago, during one of his diving sessions, he met a harmless shark pup and gently patted her.

But who knew that just one pat was enough to forge a friendship with her so strong that even today, after a good seven years, whenever she sees him, she swims up to him and cuddles with him. It's incredible how she recognizes him every time and comes over to him each time she sees him around. The thought of this is hardly believable and so is the sight, and even Rick's friends feel the same every time they see the shark come over to cuddle with him. They say it's a cool sight to see, and we bet it is!

Check it out!