This Miss World From India Is Not Only Beautiful, She Has Got The World's Best Muscles Too

Meet India's First Bodybuilding World Champ!


Woman power. 

Today, let's perceive this term altogether differently. Let's take it literally. What if women loved bodybuilding, just the way they love dieting? What if women were strongly built? Would you dare tease and flirt with them? The answer is obvious. 

But even then if you dared, they would have made a raita out of you :)

Meet India's first international bodybuilding champion, the 21-year old Bhumika Sharma, who hails from Dehradun, Uttrakhand. She has won the prestigious Miss World Bodybuilding title in Venice (Italy) ahead of a total 50 bodybuilders from around the world. She won the maximum points in three categories, i.e., individual posing, body posing and fall. 

And she is the first Indian woman to do so! 

That's a matter of extreme pride for all of us. She might inspire many women to take up bodybuilding, just like Phogat sisters inspired wrestling. Bhumika has broken a stereotype; women can also try to have muscled and toned bodies.

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