This Man Swallowed A Live Fish For An Unbelievable Reason

Eat the fish and become fit!

India will never come short of miracles and today you'll be knowing another such wonder which takes place with thousands of people. 

People who suffer from the ailment Asthma are the ones who can become a part of this process. Yes, if you're suffering from Asthma and finding a cure then the Bathini family in Hyderabad has the perfect solution for you. The cure is believed to be based on the wisdom of religious sages of ancient India. The secret lies in the medicine which is put in the mouth of snakehead fishes and made the Asthmatic to swallow. 

More than 10,000 people travel great distances to get rid of a dreadful condition like Asthma. The medicine given in the above-stated form is called "Fish Prasadam" and the medical camp starts on the first day of Southwest Monsoon. 

But, how do some medicine and fish are supposed to correlate, right?