This Man Didn't Charge For Furnace Repair, National Guard Was The Reason For It

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Pay heed ladies, after reading this today you’ll want to come across a repairman who will win your hearts like no one before. 

The person you’re about to meet is someone who knows how to respect women and do things which prove to be the greatest gestures one can ever show. Forget about the gifts that were presented to you by your significant others or the hollow words you thought would turn true someday. 

This repairman from Betlyn Heating and Cooling company did something so generous which not only showed his respect for women but even for those soldiers' families who serve their countries when deployed overseas, leaving their wives alone to take care of children.

The following story you’re about to read is about one of the National Guard’s wife who was alone at the house and was facing problems with the house furnace. This is what happened on one fine day.