This Is What Happens When Indian Women Observe 'Fast' On The Day Of Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth: A day to pay the price of 'ek chutki sindur.'

Karwa Chauth, an Indian festival, where a married woman does meticulous fasting for the entire day to pray for her husband’s long life. The origin of this festival can be traced in many of our mythological stories, it is a complete myth that the day is equally blissful for husbands. But jokes apart, we appreciate the determination of women because it isn’t easy to stay without food and water for a whole day. 

But sometimes this priceless love flows out of the pocket. Well, credits should be given to Karan Johar that he kept this tradition alive in his movies and repacked this festival in an alluring and expensive way. But in real life neither you are SRK, nor she is..err! Anyway just enjoy this video to know that how couples show their love towards their COUNTER(parts).