If You Have Someone To Call You As 'Baabu', Then This Is Not For You

Stop using fancy words, be realistic!


I was just sitting with one of my friends, and her phone rang, I saw her mobile screen and the name was flashing as 'Baabu'. Yes, you heard it right, 'Baabu'. 

Firstly, let me brief you about this term, technically 'Baabu' is used for a respectable person. Just like 'Daakiya Baabu' (postman).

Oh, come on! I know you people are very much aware of this word. Of course, everyone reading this article is not single like me.

Believe me guys, I felt so envious of it. My blood started boiling, and I thought about all those people who do not have someone to be called as "Shona, Baabu aur Jaanu". On a personal note, I do not hate these words, but probably a lot more people can relate to my thinking, let's check them out!Images via- Giphy