An Open Letter To All The 12th Class Students Who Received Their Result Recently

Believe in yourself, and you are halfway there.


Dear Students,

My name is Swaichha Vyas and I am a writer but more importantly, I am also among one of you. First of all, I would like to congratulate all those students who have scored really well in the exams and have made their family proud and also to those who could not score that well.

I have also been through the same phase in my life in which you are today. It has only been a few years that I have completed my schooling, and I have very closely observed the declaration of 12th Class results, the stress, the anxiety and the pressure that you must've felt when you saw the result. You start chanting the names of God praying for better results while the high cut-offs of universities both nationally and internationally keep you haunting every night. 

But hold on, and trust me these exam results do not decide your future at any point in life. Everyone has to face sorrow in their life at one point or the another. Life puzzles everybody, and most people don't find the way to overcome their grief and spend rest of the life in sadness, erasing any chance of the incoming happiness. But there are some who learn the art of converting their sorrow into happiness and make their life joyful. Remember that we all are unique and have our own personalities, all we need is to know our talents and grab the opportunities coming our way.