This Mind-Blowing Initiative in Mumbai is Winning People’s Hearts

Don't dispose. Recycle.

Undoubtedly, the amount of waste produced in India has been increasing significantly over the years. And the management of that waste continues to be a challenge even for government bodies who are trying their best to encourage India to 'Go Green'. Though, increase in awareness can be observed among the people who have considered waste management, along with recycling, there is still a long way to go when it comes to real action and behavioural change. This is also the reason why despite waste management and recycling related policies being introduced several times, the implementation of the same has been limited. As the challenges continue to grow, it's time we take the matter more seriously and take necessary action and help build a greener future for generations to come.
We recently came across an inspiring initiative that is trying to raise awareness and bring behavioural change in Mumbaikars towards adopting green practices.