This Dad Has The Perfect Response To Everyone Who Questions Why He Is Good To His Ex-Wife

His argument points out something very important...


Whenever someone thinks of a break-up or a divorce, the first impression that forms in our minds is that the people involved in the break-up aren't going to be amiable to each other anymore. It's hard to say why we all tend to think this same thing. Maybe it's because most break-ups occur due to regular fights, and after breaking up, the ex-partners don't even try to patch things up as friends. Or maybe it's because most movies and other pop culture elements portray break-ups in such a style. Whatever be the reason, there's no denying that most break-ups around us don't really end well.

However, there are some rare, few cases in which the separation takes place calmly, and the ex-partners stay friends even after they've broken up. But some people simply don't seem to get this sort of break-up. They simply can't wrap their minds around it and accept that such a separation is even possible. And because of that, they don't quite understand why the ex-partners stay in touch or even help each other after they've separated.

Billy Flynn Gadbois, a father of two, was continuously pestered with questions of why he helps his ex-wife and does good things for her. And he has the perfect response. But what he points out brings us to a very important point - that it is important to see the bigger picture. Check it out.