10 Things You Can Fall In Love With If You Are Single

Love yourself. 


Let's begin with saying that being single is cool. And why is it so? That's because you can do just whatever you wish to, your life is more peaceful, you have all the time for yourself and above all else, some people are just naturally 'designed' to stay single. Just like Roger Federer is 'designed' to play tennis. You get that? 

But still, when you are single, you can fall in love with many things. Is it necessary that you fall in love with the opposite sex only? Or in some cases same sex. Is it necessary that you 'need' someone to make you feel complete and happy? Absolutely no. Unless and until you are complete and happy in yourself, all your relationships are going to hurt you. Because the fucking 'expectation' thing. Because Bollywood will constantly tell you to fall in love. Because Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, because ilu, ilu...because everyone around you is doing just that, and you are left with no option.

But when the famous American writer Mark Twain said "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect," he could not have been more correct.

So why not fall in love with some exciting things rather, that will eventually give you more than just love. Read the complete article to find out what are those things, and what suits you the best.

Yu hi chala chal rahi, yu hi chala chal rahi, badi haseen hai ye duniya..