Seven Important Things About Pelvic Health No Woman Should Ignore

Ladies, pay attention!


You'd agree with me on this, that we live in a society where pelvic health is not discussed or talked about at all until a girl reaches her puberty. We've always ignored this topic of discussion, and often conversations leading to the discussion of pelvises are halted or hindered. 

The lack of awareness leaves women and girls clueless, ill-prepared and hardly aware of the wrong and right doings about menstruation, pregnancy, sexual activities, sexually transmitted diseases, childbirth, etc. It's time we start talking to our daughters and young girls, openly about pelvises and things related to them. 

Dr. Deepa Camenga, is an assistant professor and pediatrician at the Yale School of Medicine and her views on this subject are quite opposite, "When we drop our kids off for camp, we remind them of healthy habits like "Be sure to put on sunscreen before and after the pool and wash your hands," but we rarely remind our kids to go to the bathroom, holding loo for too long may increase the chance of developing pelvic muscle disorders, incontinence/bladder leaking, and urinary tract infections in the future."

There are a few do's and don'ts that a girl needs be taught by their parents or educators, in order to be cautious about her pelvic health.