10 Things You Need To Know About The Proposed H-1B Visa Bill

How are new reforms?

The US H-1B Visa is a non-immigrant visa that permits the US companies to employ workers from foreign countries in the fields involving highly specialized knowledge for a certain period of time. This can include areas such as architecture, engineering, mathematics, science, and medicine.

The new reforms in the H-1B visa bill is a major concern for the US tech companies because they employ a lot of foreigners in their firms. There is news that Trump will either raise the fees for the visa or auction them or reduce the cap on them. This is a situation of concern. This is what Mr. Trump, the new POTUS has to say about the H-1B visas, “My administration will follow a simple rule — buy American, hire American. Years earlier we used to take pride in buying things ‘Made in America’. We love our companies, but we don’t love them when they go out of our country. There will be consequences." Earlier, he had promised of ending the misuse of H-1B visas by companies in the US.

The bill aims to increase protection for both, American as well as foreign workers in America. Going further, read on to grab some insights of the bill.