15 Things That Will Make You Super Human This Year

It's time for a CHANGE.


There are several reasons for this. Firstly our Creator, by whatever name we call this divine power - nature or God - would have provided us super human powers at birth.

Secondly, genetic engineering is yet in infancy stages. Meaning, scientists have yet to find and manipulate genes that can endow humans with such very desirable but near impossible capabilities. Thirdly, it is impossible to attain what we define as superhuman characteristics without risking our life and wellbeing.

Redefining superhuman:

Once we understand inherent limitations that prevent our becoming superhumans, we can objectively look at other urbane and practical options. Our choices thus become boundless.

Therefore, we homo-sapiens can redefine super human as ordinary person bestowed with unique skill. This talent or skill should be measurable by various yardsticks. Measurable parameters to redefine super humans may include:

Possessing verifiable talent Usefulness to society Personal growth Exceptional achievements Financial wellbeing

Any female or male, regardless of age, geographical location and physical limitations, who meets this criterion can be considered super human. Therefore, let us look at what you require to qualify as super human.

Remember, super human is much different from superhero. Any female, male or transgender can become a super human using the above archetypes. However, superheroes of all types exist only in story books and animation or cartoon films.