These Dads' Reactions Are Priceless When They See What Their Wives Gave Birth To 

Twins=double the blessings, double the fun!


Becoming parents is an ecstatic feeling that can't be described in mere words. Though it is the mother who goes through those challenging nine months and then bears the agonizing pain of delivery, it is the father who has his heart racing with excitement and anxiety with each passing day. And those who are fortunate enough to be showered with double the blessings are all the more eager to be seeing both their arms full of little miracles. After all, twins mean double the fun and double the excitement. 

The very feeling of having twins is exhilarating and the moment those little bundles of joy arrive, it is worth a watch, especially the reaction of the proud dad. While most of the times fathers end up speechless, their expressions say it all. 

Here we are with some of the most adorable collection of pictures of dads with their new-born twin babies. "Priceless" is the word!