These Breathtaking Collection Of Unseen Pictures Brings 'Native American Tribes To Life'

And they are a blast from the past!


Some of the most wonderful portraitures of Native American tribes from almost 120 years ago in the history, have come back to life in a coloured version.

The remarkable collection gives an insight into the diverse customs of each tribe. From the great feathered crown of the powerful Sioux nation to the smart beaded clothes of the Crow tribe. Some of the coloured version of the pictures are from as far as 1899 that include races and people from the Crow, Ute, Sioux, Passamaquoddy, Maricopa, Pawnee, Salish and Blackfeet.

Amongst the notable figures that are captured in this vintage collection, are Iron White Man from the Sioux, who progressed with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show while carrying a police uniform.

Other figures show Plain Owl of the Crow tribe covering themselves in the traditional dress and carrying a tomahawk on their lap.

Let's have a look!