Ever Wondered What Is The Truth Behind 'The Linga' And 'The Yoni'?

Here are many things you didn't know about.


India is a country of religions and beliefs. We all know there are people who believe that we worship "that part" of our beloved and renowned Gods? It may sound strange for many of you, but this belief exists.

Yes, my dear friend, there is a very crucial story associated with the way we worship Lord Shiva who is deemed to be the God of Destruction.

Shiva Linga is the symbol of God Shiva which is worshipped so adorably by Hindu community. But many of you, even many of Hindu people might not know about the story behind worshipping Shiva Linga and what it actually signifies. 

There are two main tantric symbols, ie, the Shiva Linga and the Shakti Yoni, by the name you might have already made a wild guess but I will take you through the detailed account of what they actually mean.