Meet The Family Having Three Sets Of Twins That All Share A Birthday

An unbelievable story!


Children are such a blessing and many couples can't wait to start a family after getting married. However try to imagine going from being totally childless, to having six children in a span of less than four years! Seem far-fetched and impossible to you? Well, this is exactly what happened to Carrie and Craig Kosinski; a couple from Wisconsin in The United States of America, who once thought their dream of being parents, would never materialize. To make matters even more interesting and extraordinary, all six the couples' children (who are three sets of twins), share exactly the same birthday!

Are you curious yet? Well then without any further added mystery or suspense, read below for the full fascinating and intriguing story of just how the Kosinski family became a full household of eight people; in an incredibly short time frame.

(Please Note: Many of the images used throughout the story have been sourced via others and from Carrie Kosinski's Official Facebook Public Images)