The Beauty Of Mumtaz Never Wore Off And This Picture Tells All About It

Mumtaz is back...


You probably don't remember Mumtaz. But she was no less than where actress Deepika Padukone stands today. 

To the few who don't know, Mumtaz was a leading film actress and got her first break as a full-fledged actor from the film, Do Raaste, in 1969 when she shared the screen with film actor Rajesh Khanna. The film emerged as a top grosser which earned 65 million. 

She had to struggle in Indian film industry initially. After doing a couple of films with stunt actor Dara Singh, she became famous as the "stunt film heroine." It was an image that didn't fetch her good film offers in first few years of family career.

After finishing her film career in 1990, she remained away from media and social networks. 

Recently, one of her fans posted her photograph on Instagram. This brought her back in the limelight.