This Aam Adami Is Real Hero; 66-Year Old Gangadhara Tilak Is Fixing Potholes To Serve The Country

His motto: Solve the problem.

From where do the ordinary citizens get motivation to do something for the country? 

Read about Gangadhara Tilak Katnam, 66, and you'll know.

A resident of Hyderabad, Gangadhara visits every corner of the city to fill potholes.  He has filled 1,124 potholes in last two years.

Know how all it began for the retired senior engineer from south central railways.

"After working for the South Central Railway for 35 years, I retired in October 2008 and spent some time off in 2009, also travelling to the US to meet my son. In January 2010, I came back and settled down in Hydershakote in Hyderabad and took up a job as a consultant in a software agency," Tilak said.

But things changed, one fine day. While going to office, his car entered a water-filled pothole. The mud water splashed on the uniforms of school children who were passing from there. Some accidents followed. Though he complained to local municipal corporation to repair potholes that caused accidents, none listened.

But one accident changed his lookout.    

Source:The NEWS Minute