Arbaaz Khan And Sunny Leone's 'Tera Intezaar' Movie Review 

Is it a must watch?


Movie: Tera Intezaar

Cast: Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan

Director: Raajeev Walia

Genre: Romantic/Thriller

The year 2016 must have been a decent year for Sunny Leone's Bollywood career, where she was seen in movies like Mastizaade, One Night Stand & Beiimaan Love, but 2017 has been a different one altogether as she has already appeared in some superhit item numbers and TV shows. Now, as a winter treat to her fans, Sunny Leone starrer ‘Tera Intezaar’ has hit the cinemas from December 1st, also featuring Arbaaz Khan.After the delay in the launch of the movie Padmavati, Tera Intezaar has had quite a convincing start, the theme being four-villains being trapped in a game of paintings.We saw the movie and can't wait to tell you enough about it: 


The movie's storyline is based on Raunak (Sunny Leone) who sets out to uncover the trails of her missing lover Veer (Arbaaz Khan).

To find Veer, Raunak comes across an exorcist, who is referred to her by her sister. Furthermore, Raunak goes on revealing all the information about her story from the exorcist (Sudha Chauhan), about how she met Veer. 

Veer being a painter in the movie had already painted Raunak’s image even before she met him. They fall in love around the exotic beach locations. Raunak, who also happens to be a gallery owner wants to exhibit Veer's artwork, showcasing it to the whole world. 

To set up this deal, she talks to one of her permanent clients Vikram (Arya Babbar). 

Although Veer does not like this idea as he does not want his work to be misused, but he still shows his works to the client, which further brings more drama in Raunak's life. Later, there's an attack by Vikram and his partners to loot Veer's work, which is worth millions. 

Veer goes missing and Raunak gets unconscious, which exactly is the true plot where the movie begins, Raunak’s attempt to find her lost lover.