9 Technologies That Placed Cricket Higher Than Ever

It's hard to imagine cricket without technology. 


Isn't watching cricket one of the best technological experiences of all time? Cricket isn't merely a game any longer. It's a great exhibition of technological advancements that we achieved over time.

Osman Samiuddin once said, "Cricket's toes are partially dipped into the ocean of science and there is a great wave approaching". Rightly so, the waves are approaching and the Cricket is going to get more than its toes wet.

Technology evolved a lot and gave us no hint where it escorted us to. But while we sit there to witness our favourite game of Cricket, we do get some clues. The 200-year-old game has used technology to the best, and we would be utterly amazed to look at how these changes heap additional fascination to it.

Here are the highest game changers for the game of cricket. They aren't Virat Kohli or David Warner, but the technologies that turned it upside down and opened it inside out.