Ever Wondered How Salads Came into Existence And Differ from an Appetiser?

What are salads if not a mix of raw vegetables?   

When Tara Deshpande, an Indian actress, writer, former model and MTV VJ's, Minnesota-born husband, Daniel, moved to Mumbai, he frequently ordered from Shiv Sagar, a pure vegetarian restaurant with ninety-two items on their menu. Only one of these was raw and it was called Green Salad, pronounced ‘ek green salaaad’ by the man who took the order over the phone. In 1999, this ‘salaaad’ was about as good as it got in Mumbai—a mix of sliced beetroot, white radish, onions and cucumber wrapped in a tin foil packet with no dressing. 

Technically, this is not a salad. But what are salads if not a mix of raw vegetables? There are so many salads, and every one of them is different. Fruit salad, Chef’s salad, chicken salad, bread salad, taco salad, noodle salad, Russian salad—the list is endless. 

How Tara defines a salad and how does it differ from an entrée or an appetiser? Let's check it out...