Sushil Kumar Who Once Won 5 Crores In KBC Rides Bicycle And Is Struggling For Money, But...

The story of Sushil Kumar's wealth is also amusing! 


Sushil Kumar is a name that caught and covered the headlines overnight. Wealth and fame did a hand shake and accompanied him to the top. People began to get long-range queues for interviewing him. Invitations from many places started coming. Even those who did not put the grass before also started looking back. Seeing a common man becoming someone special, the idea bewildered them.

Sushil Kumar, who lived in Motihari, about 170 km from Patna, used to work as a computer operator. In 2011, Sushil won 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' and all the people became a fan of this young man of Motihari. Sushil did not believe that he would win Rs 5 crore. However, after tax deduction, Sushil received nearly Rs 3.6 crore, and after some time the news came that Sushil has again got back from where he started, almost nothing.

Today, we are going to tell you a few things about this hero of KBC, which will prove to be very interesting for you. Let's know...!