Eight Surprising Facts About The 'Harry Potter' Star Jason Isaacs

Prepare to be wowed! 


There is no better way to celebrate the birthdays of our most favorite stars than by doing a nice little ‘lesser known facts’ piece on/concerning them! The reason why everyone loves these types of posts is because outside of the roles our beloved actors play in movies, we don’t really know that much about them in real life.

This month, we celebrate the birth anniversary of one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, Jason Isaacs; who is a well-known English actor, best known for his role as the villainous Lucius Malfoy in the much loved Harry Potter movie franchise. On the 6th of June, the star celebrates his 53rd birthday and therefore, as promised above, I have decided to share with you eight fascinating facts about the actor (in real life).

Without further ado read on for things you never knew about Jason Isaacs.

(Please note that some of the images used in this piece are for illustration purposes only)