15 Superheroes From Indian Comic Books Who Deserve Movies Of Their Own

If you’re an 80's-90's kid, this article is for you!


Have you ever read a comic when you were a kid? Because I have. I have read almost every superhero comic. Some I used to grab from my friends, while some I got after being a stubborn child. Super heroes are something we can never get over from. No matter whatever age you're in, there is always a super hero who fascinates us. These days we see superheroes like Spider-Man, Superman, Thor, Captain America, etc., but do know how super heroes were like in the 20th century?

Earlier, especially in India, it wasn't Marvel that used to rule. But there were Indian Heroes and their comics. There were many publishers and with these publishers, there were super heroes whose names are still in nerves of many 80's and 90's kids. 

At that moment, there were many heroes that people wanted to see on screens, but things didn't go as planned. Here is a list of such 15 super heroes who deserved to be on big screens. Check them out!