Pictures Of Sunny Leone With Her Adopted Child Are Out And This Is How The Internet Is Reacting

Nisha Kaur Weber is cute and adorable!


Sunny Leone has adopted a baby girl and the world is talking about it. It's a decision that will motivate people to adopt children - because Orphan is painful word. 

And how does it feel to be a mom? For now, nobody can express it better than Sunny Leone. The proud mommy has adopted Nisha Kaur Weber, a 21-month old baby girl from Latur, Maharashtra. In her own words "It was love at first sight, and nothing feels better for the time being," as she expressed her joy when interviewed by Hindustan Times. 

She further said to HT: "It's been all so brand new and just a few days. The moment I got Nisha, I was so excited, happy and thrilled - all feelings packed in one. We literally had three weeks to finalize everything, usually people get nine months to prepare," she spoke while laughing out loud. 

Sunny Leone and Mark Weber visited an orphanage two years ago, and that's when they decided to adopt a baby girl.

"It doesn't matter whether the baby is biological or adopted. We wanted to start a family and that's how we did," she logs out. 

The first pictures of Sunny Leone with a baby girl are out on the internet and netizens have reacted in a very positive way. Read on to know how the internet has reacted to the news and what the couple thinks about their decision. 

(The article was originally covered in July)