Guess To Whom Sunny Leone Tied Rakhi For The First Time That Too On A Plane

Congratulations Sunny for your first Rakhi! 


Rakshabandhan is the day to celebrate the bond between beloved brother and sister. The people you have grown up with, messed up with, but no matter what, the people who stood by your side always. This is what Rakhi celebration is all about. When your brother promises you to protect you forever. 

But sometimes it's not just about the relations we already have. Sometimes it's about giving a name to a new relation. Just like what Sunny did.

Many stars have celebrated Rakhi in their own personal style. Their Twitter and Instagram accounts are the proof of it. But the only lady who celebrated Rakhi in the most creative way is the gorgeous Sunny Leone.

This is her first Rakhi and congratulations to her that she has finally celebrated one. Yes! Sunny tied rakhi to her new brother on a plane. now let's see, who that lucky brother is.