Home Where We Are above Our Religion: Celebration of Sundarkand, Iftar at WittyFeed HQ

Come together, accept and rejoice! 

Home is not a place, it is a feeling. 

Every day when I come to the office, I meet people who come from different family backgrounds. One of the interns in my team told me he had come all the way from Kolkata to learn the recipe of virality that WittyFeed creates. Some are from Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai... but what is common among all these people? They are driven and united by a culture which says we are above our religion and the places we come from. 

One fine afternoon, after a heavy lunch, I felt lazy and was scrolling through my Workplace profile, and ping... there was a notification from the HR head that we will be having a Sudara Kanda pooja followed by Iftar at our office. 

I have been brought up in a locality where most families are Muslim and I knew what Iftar was but I had never witnessed a Sundarkand pooja, and this was my chance to witness the same. 

The day arrived, it was a Tuesday and I was lazy, as usual. But as the pooja began, I started to sing the shlokas, I recited the Hanuman Chalisa, we danced while others were singing and clapping. I didn't want the pooja to end, we were trying to catch a breath in between, but it was worth the time. It was then time for our Muslim brothers to do their evening namaz and then have their meal as a part of Iftar. 

Our CEO, Vinay Singhal, my editor Dr. Sami Mirza and various other people including my friend Yasmin sat in the video room to have the evening meal and that's how our brothers/sisters opened their fast which lasted for more than 12 hours. 

The feeling was no less than nirvana because I had never experienced being at a place where all religions are respected and all rituals are performed with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. This signifies that our culture is more about bringing people from all spheres together, accepting them with open arms and making them feel like WittyFeed is a HOME away from HOME.