50 Strange Fears That You Won't Believe People Have

What is your weirdest fear?


Is there something in your head that freaks you out? Something that though people say won't hurt you, still scares you out? Something if you see, you run miles away?

If you ask me, I have a fear of clowns, dark, heights... and so much more. But what if I tell you that these fears are some basic fears. 

What I have for you all is something that isn't at all normal. Yes, I here have the most bizarre and unusual fears one can ever come across. Though they are endless in number, I have brought the unique ones for you. Some of these are so mysterious that they will give you a ridiculous feeling. But I don't think anyone of us can even imagine what such people go through. 

So, how about we learn about some of the strangest phobias that a person could have.