"The FUTURE LIONS Of CIRCUS." A Motivational Read....

"The FUTURE LIONS Of CIRCUS."   A Motivational Read....

                                                                        "In a Process of Converting Necessities to Essentials, Essentials became Difficulties."
The story applies to 7 billion people over the entire planet.

There was a circus that was having 10 Lions and 7 Elephants.
They used to have daily shows with them .But the Government Imposed a ban on use of Animals for commercial purpose. As the Lions used to eat meat daily and the Circus was short of incomes , they couldn't bear the expenses anymore. So they decided to set the Lions free in the Jungles of Bengal.

Some days later , the Jungle Administration reported 7 Lions Dead. The reason was that the lions were Hunted by the herd of Jungle dogs. 
The lions forgot to do Prey for the food, as they were habitual for meat from circus .They forgot their Talent and at the same time the dogs were dying due to hunger. So they becames hunters as "Something was , is always will be Better and Greater than Nothing".

Its a message to All those parents that are Planning to leave a huge Bank Balance for the upcomings.
It will surely make them "LIONS OF CIRCUS". 
Let them make their own Prey.

Every field has Two types of people. Grassrooters and Parachuters. 
Grassrooters always heads upwards and Parachuters always comes down.

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