If Your Movie Can Beat These Brilliant Short Films, IFP Is The Perfect Place For You

If Your Movie Can Beat These Brilliant Short Films, IFP Is The Perfect Place For You

India Film Project (IFP) is Asia's Largest Film Making competition and the entries for the contest are already open. The competition will be held between 18 to 26 September 2015. Films made by more than 14,600 participants from 11 different countries will be judged by reknown Bollywood filmmakers, including Shyam Benegal and Shoojit Sircar. The best part about the contest is the twist: All the teams have to script, shoot, edit and submit the movie in just 50 hours!  If you wanna know what the level of films created in the competition is, just have a look at the previous year winners' films.

Here we have a collection of movies which were highly appreciated in the previous years' competitions. If you believe you too can make such or may be better movies, this is a chance not meant to be lost!

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Perhaps: A short film reflecting the progress of life, catalyzed by the power of hope.


The movie carries different stories, all ending with the wish, 'Perhaps'. Social responsibilities, peace of mind, duties and affection; each of these topics touched by emotions and with the hope that good things will start happening if we make efforts for them, perhaps.

BEING WOMAN: A movie on how much and in what way crimes affect the life of a woman.

The movie highlights the mentality of criminals and how they justify their crimes against women, however brutal they be. It's sad that a country which worships hundreds of Goddesses is the same place where one woman is raped every 29 minutes. The movie has excellent background music, catching up with the theme.

In Search of Life: Movie showing the emotional chaos of a guy, searching for a way to happy life.

In today's world, the cut-throat competition and lack of guidance has mislead thousands of youngsters, forcing them to do even the unethical. The movie shows the emotional turbulence going inside a guy's mind, who is miserable and is losing hope with every passing moment, a hope of searching the motive of his life.

Inner Transitions: A movie questioning whether a woman can expect to be safe in the country.

A thought-provoking comparison of the life of an Indian woman when she's safe in her surroundings and not. The background score is very powerful and matches the seriousness of the movie's theme.