She has fought against cancer for 8 years, she needs our help NOW.

She has fought against cancer for 8 years, she needs our help NOW.

Laura Binkley is suffering from terminal Stage 4, metastatic breast cancer. She was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer 8 years back. Past 8 years Laura and her family has fought courageously against Cancer but it has drained them mentally,physically and financially. She has been fighting this disease for so long, that they can no longer afford all the expenses associated with treatment, traveling, and medications. (Please Scroll down for Laura's video and make sure you watch and share.)

Laura's family need love and financial support of all the people of the world. To support her financially and help her fight cancer, click Saving Laura Binkley. Laura's Family has made a facebook page for helping Laura, you should like them at Saving Laura. You can also support Laura by buying this shirt, and the money will be used for Laura's welfare, Buy here.

This is Laura's struggle against cancer, she has fought bravely. Their funds have been finishing and they need our help to Raise funds for the treatment of Laura's Cancer.

In 2006, she had a lumpectomy to remove a DCIS & also received 38 rounds of radiation to her left chest area. In 2008/2009. She had a double mastectomy & started reconstruction. She received 8 months of different chemotherapy drugs. She lost all her hair. In 2009, she had reconstructive surgery and had to have ports put in chest twice.

In 2012, she had another reconstructive surgery because an MRI showed there was a rupture in her right implant. During the summer of 2012, the PET scan showed that the cancer had spread to several areas. So she went through chemotherapy again. The doctors tried to shrink the tumors before surgery, but the chemo did not help much. In October of 2012, She had surgery to remove lymph nodes under arm. The cancer was also in all the flesh, veins, & muscle they removed. The surgeon closed her up, and told Laura's family that she was terminal, and there was nothing else they could do. In Jan and Feb of 2013, Laura received radiation again. In December 2013, the CT scan showed she had 15 tumors in her liver. They drained over 3 pounds of malignant fluid off left lung. They say she is now developing fluid in right lung also. The last count showed she had 25 tumors in her liver.
Her scans last week showed that the tumors are all growing, and there are more of them. She also has more tumors in liver and lungs, and the others grew since last scan. She has several other tumors throughout her body.

Saving Laura - Cancer Treatment.


Laura speaks about her present status report. Laura is being thankful to everyone who has helped her to fight Cancer. Please watch, share and spread. Help her fight Cancer.