Not-So-Famous Instagram Artists You Should be Following Right Now!

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Not-So-Famous Instagram Artists You Should be Following Right Now!

We all have some or the other person as our inspiration. Travel, food, photography, fashion, be it any genre, we all have that one person as our motivator. But with growing developments and algorithms, there are so many artists whose work is missed because of huge fan following of others. And I'm here to talk about these people who are doing exceptionally well with their type of content on social media but are falling short of the limelight. Mind you, they all are only in their 20s.

Shivam Bapat



This guy here is doing wonders with pushing people to seize infinity. He says the only word that describes him aptly at this phase of life is "hustle". Being in his 20s, he's making the most of his early adulthood days by taking as many trips as possible. He covers each one of them on his Instagram as well as his YouTube channel. Why does he stand apart from the otherwise famous people you ask? He's got the zeal to achieve what he truly wants, even if it means hustling to the extremities. 

Mohit Kumar


If you're a fan of moody portraits, Mohit is the person you should be following. Just look at that Instagram feed that he's maintained! Doesn't it look like #FeedGoals? He's got an eye for capturing really unique portrait concepts and sets the mood just right for a picture to talk thousand words. It wouldn't surprise me if he's the next big name in no time!

Shirali Shah


Talk about fashion styling and designing being the same things and this lady is going to bring you the drastic difference between the two like you'd never heard before. Shirali is a fashion stylist and has her own cute studio in Ahmedabad. Her styling is so fresh and different from the rest, it always makes me want to take tips from her. If you're into fashion and want something new to style your outfit like, Shirali is the go-to person. Her feed oozes style, comfort and all things colourful. Also, she has a dog! 

Sanket Kamble


Nobody said you have to stick to one genre. Sanket Kamble is the right example of one such photographer who's trying and bettering his skills at photography every single day. His feed is filled with fashion photography, travel photography and simply whatever he finds attractive to be captured. This 20 something guy is proud of his journey into photography and doesn't do it to outshine anybody but simply for the love of art.

Ralph Paul


Learning photography on your own is one thing and taking cinematography to another level is another. Ralph Paul might not have an Instagram feed which has a lot of videos, but he sure maintains his YouTube channel which boasts about his cinematic skills and how! This one also loves capturing minimalism on his camera and is quite a gem at helping people who're starting out with a similar passion.

So if you are an avid Instagram user and aren't following these beautiful Instagrammers, what are you even doing in your life!?

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