The 16-YO Who Chucked His Boards to Cycle His Way Through Spiti Valley

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The 16-YO Who Chucked His Boards to Cycle His Way Through Spiti Valley

The want to do something should always overpower the need to do something. This is what we learn in a gist from the 16-year-old Delhi guy Vibhu Grover, who chose to travel to the mountains instead of sitting for his 10th-grade boards. 

You read that right! 

This guy here, who was earlier inclined towards astronomy at the age of 10, got introduced to astrography when he was 14. And this is when someone suggested him to go to the mountains for the kind of skies needed to capture the stars. 

Sharing his experiences with WittyFeed, this is what he has to say. Read on!

"I made a fake school trip consent form and decided to go to Triund all by myself."

“I made a fake school trip consent form and decided to go to Triund all by myself.”

It all started when Vibhu planned his first trek to Triund in McleodGanj. He got so excited that he planned the entire trek in one night. But he obviously had to ask his parents, and as expected they said NO.


"One of the many lessons you get when you're close to nature is living in the most simple manner, realising how less you need to feel complete."


Vibhu like many of us used to spend a lot of money on things that were unwanted. But soon after he started trekking, he started saving up for things he'd need to travel instead of spending it on things that aren't needed. He says, that's one thing he learned when he initially started travelling. His first trek to Triund was just the start of his passion to climb mountains and being on the road.

"I had planned to leave Delhi the day my boards get over, but instead, I decided to leave my school."


Vibhu now wanted to make a trip to Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh. The desire to do something special in Spiti was so strong for him that he decided to cycle his way through it during the winters. This also meant that he'd be the youngest guy to cycle to Spiti in winters. 

The adrenaline rush that Vibhu had for this trip was more than achieving the tag of the youngest cycler in Spiti Valley. It was on the 19th of February when Vibhu was just one day away from his 10th-grade boards. He planned to leave Delhi as soon as his boards got over, but instead ended up leaving school. His idea of doing open schooling was accepted by his family and there he was, cycling his heart out to Spiti Valley.

"The climb is not only physically tiring, but it breaks you mentally."


Vibhu says that if he had to pick one of the craziest adventurous days from all his travelling trips, it had to be the day when he cycled from Spillow to Nako, Himachal Pradesh. 

Everything was beyond real for him when he had to cross the landslide patch between Spillow and Pooh. 

Starting his day at 8 in the morning and thinking to himself what he'd gotten himself into, Vibhu was going to make his biggest cycling experience with a 3,000 ft climb at Khab. All that this 10th grader was left with was the cold weather, an empty water bottle and a tired mind. But soon after, he got all the help and motivation that he needed to hit the road again from four soldiers who passed by.

"The only thing I would like to say is if you're really passionate about something, you should follow it no matter what," Vibhu Grover.

"I've seen how your passion finds you, when you're ready for it"


He says that until he started travelling he never knew his real passion was to be on the mountains and take the adventure. Vibhu said that he's heard people say how they don't know what their real passion is. But he also says that passion will find you when you're ready for it. 

Had it been a couple of years back when someone would have told him that he's going to plan expeditions at an altitude of 6,000 meters, working towards climbing the 14 highest peaks in the world, he'd have never believed them or himself. If you're passionate about something, however big or small, it's only you who can bring it to reality.

How very inspiring, motivating and all things nice is Vibhu Grover's cycling story! 

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