Why Mallika Sherawat Locked Herself in a Cage at Cannes?

She has a powerful message to share!

Why Mallika Sherawat Locked Herself in a Cage at Cannes?

2018 Cannes Film Festival witnessed some power ladies standing with a purpose. Where American actress Kristen Jaymes Stewart walked barefoot on red carpet protesting against dress code, Indian actress Mallika Sherawat locked herself in a cage with a strong message.

See what Mallika has to say!

Act against forced child prostitution.



Mallika Sherawat is a brand ambassador of an international organisation named Free A Girl which works for the welfare of girls who are into forced prostitution. 

With this photograph, Mallika mentioned the cause, "I'm locked up in a small cage to raise awareness about forced child prostitution and impunity of its offenders. The cage is symbolic of a small room in a brothel in India where our little girls are locked up."

Here she shares her message as well. 


"Every minute we don't do something there is a woman suffering abuse...", shares Mallika.

This is what she posted on her Instagram before locking herself in the cage.


Mallika requested her fans to support her mission. It's so good to see glamour queens taking responsibility of minimising the social issues and taking it to the world stage like Cannes festival.

Mallika's Cannes 2018 look!


We support you, Mallika!